Holiday Planning for Non-eCommerce Businesses

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The contrast between eCommerce and non-eCommerce businesses is significant at any time of the year, but distinct differences arise during the holiday season. Service providers have to market their businesses differently to accommodate their specific consumer’s needs. Rather than promoting products, they have to entice their audience to continue using their services throughout the holiday season. Factor in ever-increasing customer expectations with the fact that this year is projected to focus on online shopping — locations may get lost within the holiday hecticness.

As a service business, you need a holiday strategy just as much as an online store does. That is why Zero Gravity Marketing (ZGM) has the expert tips to help your non-eComm company’s holiday planning to avoid the seasonal scaries:

Optimize Your Website Performance

If you are a non-eCommerce business, it’s still essential to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile use. Consumers tend to do their research online before they reach out to a company, so it’s up to you to make that process as easy as possible for them. Optimize your website’s performance by ensuring you’re offering top-notch page speed. The slower your pages load, the more likely you will send your potential customers to competitors. Here are some other factors you should consider:

  • Reduce redirects
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • Optimize images
  • Improve server response times

If these strategies seem outside of your wheelhouse, ZGM’s services can help ensure your website is prepped and ready to go this holiday season.

Employ Customer Service Options

Whether it’s social media messaging, live chat functionality, or contact forms, users will want to access your business seamlessly when they have questions. It’s vital to make sure you’re accessible in the coming weeks and months for last-minute holiday demands. This season provides a great opportunity to work on Reputation Management. Consider implementing strategies where your consumers can speak with a real person when they need assistance. When customers can talk to a human rather than a robot, they feel heard, and their experience is personalized.

Use your social media to remind your audience they can reach out to you through direct messages and comments. Incorporate live chat on your site through an automated pop-up where visitors can ask questions and receive a quick response. A helpful tip is to have your customer service reps keep the answers to your most frequently asked questions nearby to ensure fast responses to visitors.

Offer Holiday-Specific Promotions

Now is the time to become creative with your promos. Be sure to display your specialty services and holiday-specific sales on your website and social media pages. Create a promotion calendar with deadlines as early as possible so you can publish your content on time and when it matters most to those you’re trying to target. Great promotion ideas for non-eCommerce businesses are:

  • Offering free virtual or in-person consultations or quotes for a limited time with an incentive to attend (e.g., schedule one for free and receive $100 towards your purchase).
  • Providing a % discount off of services when booked by a specific date.
  • Generating a referral program where a customer can mention a friend or family member to make a purchase and receive a coupon.
  • Creating a contest or giveaway.

Communicate On-Premise Marketing Messages

Even though you’re a service business, it’s still important to pay attention to your online real estate. Communicate any on-premise marketing messages online so you can drive traffic to your website. Make sure your content is consistent with your brand and aligns with your mission and voice. This is also a great time to ramp up your blog posts to ensure you’re capturing the spirit of the season and all of the unique service promos your business is offering to your customers.

Focus on Nurturing Current Leads

As a non-eCommerce business, now is the time to focus on nurturing existing leads. This year especially, it’s going to be a super competitive space. If you’re looking to cut your budget, hone your efforts towards converting current leads. Use that money to go the extra mile by sending personalized notes, gifts, or unique outreach techniques. Send customized emails, too, acknowledging your audience during their stages of the customer journey. You can even provide them with educational blog content on your industry and share positive testimonials as “social proof” that your business is reputable and the most trustworthy choice.


Zero Gravity Marketing is here to help your service business this holiday season. Our digital strategists can drive customers to your website and through your doors to receive your services as the end of the year approaches. Contact us today!

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