How to Apply for (and Get!) a Remote, Entry-Level Digital Marketing Job

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Entry-level positions are the perfect way to start a brand-new career, and today, remote digital marketing jobs are becoming increasingly relevant. However, despite being advertised as entry-level, many online positions include extensive requirements, such as professional experience and highly technical skills. At a glance, it might be tempting to jump to conclusions and decide you’re not qualified for the job. Yet job offers are made every day to plenty of people in similar situations. What’s the secret?

The truth is that while you may not have the formal experience and training necessary, there are plenty of other ways to get equivalent knowledge on your own. You can acquire many of the skills that are more valuable for entry-level digital marketing jobs than anything you could learn in a standard college course. Even once you’ve adequately prepared by adding several skills to your repertoire, figuring out how to get hired for a career in digital marketing can be tricky. However, the process of applying for a remote position is very different than applying in person. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide to help you net the digital marketing remote job of your dreams.

Step 1: Work on Obtaining the Appropriate Skills for Your Desired Position

Within the umbrella of remote digital marketing careers, there are various positions available. Are you interested in becoming a content writer or a social media specialist? Regardless of your preference, you must familiarize yourself with basic terms and concepts of digital marketing, including marketing funnels, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and conversion rate strategies. There are also job-specific skills you’ll want to pursue. Consider what platforms and applications you would be using in your desired position and put in the time to gain a base level of understanding.

Step 2: Locate Listings for Your Desired Job

When considering how to get a job in digital marketing, finding the positions that you’re looking for is critical. Many people make the mistake of relying on generic job boards to look through listings. However, these sites usually offer limited selections of remote roles, such as entry-level digital marketing jobs. There are far more effective methods to find the opportunities you seek.


First, you can start by looking through more specialized job boards. For example, FlexJobs is a site that caters exclusively to those who are seeking to work remotely. Another alternative is to search for freelance contracts, allowing you much more flexibility and freedom. There are plenty of online marketplaces specifically designed with people like you in mind, hosting pages and pages of digital marketing projects you can tackle. If your interest is even narrower, and you have a specific digital marketing company in mind, you can always reach out via social media or email. This opens you up to unique job opportunities you would never have found elsewhere.

Step 3: Interviewing for Your Desired Position Remotely

When interviewing for digital marketing entry-level jobs, you must prepare. This means familiarizing yourself with your chosen company and the kind of work and expertise they expect from you. Make sure the information listed in your resume matches the kind of job you’re pursuing. Some candidates are under the impression that the longer the resume, the better, but the truth is that extra pages of irrelevant details will do more harm than good. No recruiter wants to comb through a manuscript. Keep it simple and include only what’s pertinent.


As for conducting the actual interview, there are some key differences between interviewing remotely on an app like Zoom versus interviewing in person. You have more control over certain aspects, such as your background, but those factors can impact your interviewer’s perception of you ­– so exercise that control with care. You’ll want to ensure that you select an interviewing space that will appear professional and free of noisy distractions during your meeting. You’ll also want to verify that your technology is sufficient to handle the call’s needs, or you may experience problems that force you to cut the interview short. Use a wired internet connection when possible and test your set-up ahead of time.


On the day of the interview, make sure to dress appropriately. Just because your camera has a limited field of vision doesn’t mean you should break out the pajama pants and fuzzy slippers. Not only are you avoiding any embarrassing accidents with shifting camera angles, dressing professionally actually affects your tone and demeanor during the interview. Eye contact is also extremely important, as more attention is drawn to your face during a video call. Make sure that you are directing your gaze at the camera instead of at the screen when possible. Otherwise, you’ll give the appearance of being distracted and looking away.

Looking Ahead to Digital Marketing Jobs in 2021

As companies continue to reassess their priorities and capabilities throughout the year, we are likely to continue seeing an increase in the amount of virtual digital marketing jobs available. This means that now is the perfect time to start figuring out your desired career path and building the skills you’ll need to get hired for your ideal role.

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