How the New Normal Will Affect Marketing

May 28, 2021 11:13 AM
COVID-19 changes our lifestyle and business practices around the globe, yet despite the negativities it brought, maybe it’s the time to let corporations reflect on themselves and ask: “What are we lacking?”
COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle and business practices around the globe. Yet, despite the negativities it has brought, it also opened a door for corporations to reflect on themselves and ask: “Where are we lacking?”
It is predicted that clients who were familiar with digital services, will most likely not prefer the old ways. Digital events, webinars with easy access and increasing amount of services thriving, how well a company listens to their clients is the key.  Not only B2C but also B2B Companies will need to spend more time reviewing their leads and bringing their precision to the next level to speak to the right audience.
When talking about digital transformation, most people will think about using new tools, new CRM, ERP systems..., yet while adopting these methods, the core of transformation actually is about the operations, about how decision makers perceive the changes, and decide the path of the company. Swanson, Monsanto CEO discussed digital transformation "We talk about automating operations, about people, and about new business models," he says. "Wrapped inside those topics are data analytics, technologies, and software, all of which are enablers, not drivers." If pandemic induced behavior change on customers, why shouldn't corporation also change their mindset?
What are the keys to achieve transformation? Here are 5 key points you should keep in mind:
  1. Automate marketing efforts Regularly engage with your audiences, through analyzing your target audiences you will get the idea on when and how they engage with you, maintain the relationship between you and the audiences will increase the chance of reoccurring customers.
  1. Customized user journey A user journey is absolutely one of the most important aspect that get you customers, especially nowadays customers expect more personalized, focused message that they want to see. By customizing it, customers will be more willing to engage thus increase conversion and commitment.
  1. Discover new marketing tools Extreme times require extreme measures, and it is times like this when you should discover new tools such as CRM, Website chatbot, automation tools, Social media...etc, to really focus on engaging with your customers.
No matter which tool or method you utilize, SEO, CRM, Google Analytics...etc. Keep in mind that nowadays users anticipate more personal, more precise message that they want to receive. Understand your customers' persona, optimize your user journey with agile in mind, is one key towards success in digital transformation.
If you are still not sure which direction you should pursue, hiring a marketing agency might be a solution for you. Here at Tenten we provide marketing services to help corporations achieve digital transformation hence maximize potentials.

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